First Performance of Song of Songs Overature

Oratorio's First Performance

composer showcase program

Doug would like to thank the University of Montana's Music Department for their support. The Overature to the Song of Songs Oratorio was performed Friday April 6, 2018 during the Composers Showcase. Performers: Bethany Ordiniza, flute; Noah Durnell, oboe; Megan Snow, clarinet; Max Greenleaf, bassoon; Barbara Blegen, piano; Will Cook, violin; Will Hunt, violin; Maggie Gammons, violin; Ania Chaney, violin; Sam Cory, violin; Shelby Blum, viola; Jared Selva, viola; Matt Wellert, cello; Daniel McDonald, cello; Dillon Johns, bass; Jared Benge, bass; Kyara Nelson, conductor

Program Notes

The Overature to the Song of Songs, Oratorio is an introduction of a longer work, The Song of Songs, an Oratorio. The ensemble instruments are flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, five violins, viola, two cello, two bass, and piano. There are textural density and color changes throughout the composition. The harmonies are largely quartal and the scale moterials are diatonic, chromatic, whole tone and minor. The piece consists of melodic and harmonic motif material from the Oratorio, which is a love story from a book of the Old Testament. The mood changes throughout, according to feeling expressed in the story. The Oratorio consists of vocal soloists and chorus.